Reviews for the Miasma series in Germany and Russia

The books of the Miasma series, translated in Germany and Russia by Eva Ruth Wemme and Natalia Osoianu and illustrated by Ecaterina Gabriela, have received wonderful praise from both critics and readers alike. Major publications have reviewed the first installment in Germany – Börsenblatt has called it a dark literary pearl of the fantastic, while Buchkultur named it a bow to the power of storytelling through the form of literary body horror. Die Tageszeitung saw the pure horror in the vein of Hieronymus Bosch in it; Bücher Magazin praised the new interpretation of the classic horror story. Intellectures placed the book on the list of Best of Indie publications for 2020, while Esquire Russia named it one of the most anticipated translations in Russia for the same year. The second novel was praised as a dark and powerful fantasy in the Legacy Magazine in Germany, while in Russia, where it reached bestseller status on, Darker Magazine called the book a novel that can change perspectives on what fantasy can do. For more reviews, check out the books in the menu. Many thanks to all the reviewers and readers!