Out now: Vene rare, novel

Launching today and available via all major bookshops and online sellers: the new Romanian novel, Vene rare, published by Nemira Publishing House. The novel tells the story of a young writer returning home only to find the neighbourhood possessed by a new religion. The death of the Greek, canonized for the dogma he shared, but also because his lifeless body floats, is just the beginning: from now on, a universe – recognizable and yet unique – opens, in and between blocks, in apartments, above parking lots, in the viscera of the basements. The Cold Wound, the All-Seeing Blind Cat, the God of the Invisible Church, Rare Veins, The Incandescent Themselves are just a few of the characters who unfold this mesmerizing world at the reader’s feet.

“A fabulous land, built by a contemporary architect, this is the Ocean of Concrete. And the way in which each apartment house turns out to be a whole world, with its religion, its own leaders, proselytes and subjects, heroes and those on the sidelines, saints, but also false idols, shows that this land could not have a better chronicler than Flavius ​​Ardelean. A writing like a lego game in which, with the same pieces, you continually build something else. A writer who is always surprising, even though you know what to expect when you open a book by him.” (Michael Haulică, author)

” A metaphorical novel, on several levels, Vene Rare is the most autobiographical of Flavius ​​Ardelean’s books (although not exactly in the sense in which we are used to), where searching and home are two of the essential pillars. They are joined by a few key words: literature (and its meaning), spirituality, darkness, hermeticism, magic eyes, (self) irony, collective dementia, life and death – and vice versa. With testamentary valences, the book is the writing that marks a rupture and announces a new direction in his prose. At the end of it, not only will you eagerly await the next literary chapter, but you will also be left with a strong stench in your nostrils.” (Eli Bădică, editor)